I mean, what have you got to lose ?
You know, you come from nothing, you're going back to nothing...
What have you lost ? Nothing !
(The Monty Python, Bright Side of Life Lyrics)

Hello English-speaking foreign visitors,

I apologise that there is no English version of my site. The thing is that if I can understand English fairly well, I really don't think my skills would allow me to translate the difficult concepts of philosophy and occultism I tried to expose in French.

Occultism Magic Symbolism

If there should be on earth (or elsewhere, who knows ?) a person interested by making a translation of some pages, of course for free, here's my e-mail : webmaster@la-rose-bleue.org. Such a job would be put on line on this very page, along with whatever the author would ask for among things such as : name, link, e-mail, picture ...and so on...

Arsène de Sainct-Agnile already said he was going to give it a try one day !

Pages on the site containing resources in english :

Selection of outer links that might be helpful anyway :


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